amanda (bambiblake007) wrote in vaginapagina,

chronic head lice??

hi guys!!
i need help with this and i thought ya'll would kno just wat to do :)

ok soo a month ago (maybe a lil over a month ago) the human child came home with head lice. apparently there was an outbreak in his class and several of the kids had the lice. we did everything we were supposed to do considering they only gave us a weekend to get rid of the stuff. we washed all of our clothing, we quarrantined the things we couldnt wash, boiled out our hair brushes, washed the human child and our bed covers, etc, and we did our hair treatments. the gf has super long thick hair soo hers was the hardest to treat obv. we didnt do our 2nd treatment tho..i dont remember wat happened, we may have forgotten about it..

then a couple weeks later, husband noticed lice again on his head (this x nobody had terrible nits, just a couple lice bugs were visible) and we did the washing again of bedcovers and stuff we sleep with (me and gf have stuffed animals we sleep with as does the human child) then we did another treatment. then this weekend the human child went and stayed with his nana and they checked his hair (idk why they checked it, maybe he was scratching his head..?) and they said they saw some bugs in his hair which means we all probably still have the head lice :/

money has been really tight soo we can't afford to keep buying this expensive lice treatment esp since the gf has to have a whole bottle just for her own hair (maybe even 2 bottles) and it not work for us. i've never had head lice b4 and i'm pretty unhappy about all of this!! i dont put chemicals on my hair but i've been willing to do the treatments. i am thisclose to goin to my pcp and having him help me out with an Rx or referring me to somebody that can help me out bc i feel like we're not getting anywhere with this..but the rest of the family wont go to the dr for it bc they think the lice shampoo is enough eventho it doesnt seem to be working..i fear that we'll end up having to shave all of our heads just to end it..

i guess since we've tried the lice treatment from the stores, anybody got any natural remedies that might help us out..? i was reading about a girl who had lice for 4yrs and i dont want that to be the case with us!! thnx. any help would greatly appreciated xx
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