Howls of Sorrows (akkiash) wrote in vaginapagina,
Howls of Sorrows

Urethra problem, need help!!

Hey everyone. I believe I posted awhile back about being told by a gyno I had Pelvic Muscle Spasms. Well.. Now I'm having a very major problem, and I can't find any answers to it.

Back in April/May of this year, 2014, I had very bad pains around in my ovarie area/pelvic area. And it was so bad, I thought something was trying to actually rip my ovaries out, or it was cysts on my ovaries, or tumors, or something! So I seen my normal doctor for that, she didn't know what was going on and had a plevic exam, pap smear, blood work, pee drawn, and also 2 ultra sounds done, till I was referred to a gyno at the same office. She did the whole plevic exam too and I told her where it hurt, what was going on, and then she told me it was Pelvic Muscle Spasms. So she tossed me on Progestin-only birth control pills. And they did work for me.

In Oct. of this year, 2014, I stopped taking the birth control pills because they were just chewing up my whole body with ance and black heads so bad, and was tired of it.

So everthing was going fine till, two weeks ago...

My urethra was on fire! I figured it was a UTI infection. What it felt like was this.. It was burning bad, even to the touch. It felt like something was inside of the urethra itself, stabbing out of it. It felt like something was crushing that flap of skin that humps over the urethra.

So I went and saw my normal doctor on the 22nd of Dec. and told her what was going on. They took a pee test and it came back as nothing was wrong. But she did give me 2 pills for a yeast infection.. So here it is, almost a week later and it's still doing the same thing, and it even feel's like the urethra is sticking out.

I don't know what's going on now, or know what to do. The gyno I saw the first time, up and quit at the building I go to right before I was suppose to go back and see her in June 2014 for a check up for the Pelvic Muscle Spasms, and they have no other gyno in that office (go figure).

I don't even know if my doctor even bothered to look at my urethra area at all to be honest, since she didn't even like poke around to see if anything hurt or not or asked me if it hurt. The only thing she did was a pap thing for a yeast infection and bitched at me for not taking my birth control and asked if I wanted to get pregnant, which I told her right back that wasn't the reason why I was put on them to begin with. And then bitched at me for smoking and being on the birth control pills to begin with, and I told her again, that's what the gyno doc put me on for my Pelvic Muscle Spasms and they worked.

So, I dunno what to do with this problem now. I don't even know any Gyno's in my area at all.

Any advice or help, I would love from anyone here!
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