a few prawns short of a galaxy (glitterberrys) wrote in vaginapagina,
a few prawns short of a galaxy

Soreness for months, getting annoyed

So I have some pretty impressive soreness in my bits. I don't know how to explain it, it's just sore. Touching it is most unpleasant. It's putting a heck of a damper on my sex life, solo and partnered.

I've seen the doctor, and there's nothing out of sorts that he can find. I assumed BV, since that tends to sneak up on me, but nope, all clear.

I think it may have started as a result of the peroxide/water I used during my last fun time with BV - it got rid of my itching, but it was too concentrated and burned the heck out of some of the surface area.

But it's been MONTHS; surely whatever irritation that may have caused should be gone by now.

I've noticed also that vaginal secretions make the pain SO MUCH WORSE. But again, only when things are being touched.

Has anyone experienced anything like this before?
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