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BV? Or normal?

Hi VP peeps!

I can't decide whether I'm having an issue with BV or not....and whether I need to make a special trip to the gyno to get it evaluated. Would love to hear others' eperiences and thoughts.

Last month I noticed a somewhat strong smell the entire day after having sex with my boyfriend. I could smell it when I sat down on the toilet - wouldn't characterize it as fishy and definitely not FOUL, but maybe alkaline? Or maybe it could be called a bit fishy, but in any case it wasn't like, "WOAH, that's crazy, there is clearly something wrong here." Honestly I wondered if it was the smell of his semen, but it lasted all day so that seemed unlikely.

I started taking my probiotic and have had sex this month with no such smells after. However the I did have a lot of swelling, redness, and pain on my labia minora one time post-sex. I chalked this up to my partner not rinsing soap off his penis well enough. Pain/swelling went away in a day and haven't recurred.

However right now I'm having kind of a lot of white thin discharge. It's really watery, not slippery or egg whitey. I felt it come out and ran to the bathroom and was able to "push" quite a bit out (maybe ~1/4 teaspoon? Hard to say I didn't measure...) No foul odor at all (and I have a sensitive nose!) and no irritation. I'm about 10 days away from my next period.

A year and a half ago a gyno said I have "mild BV" but didn't need to treat it unless it was symptomatic. And then this summer, after a dreadful series of UTI's followed by yeast infections, a doc said a test for BV was "inconclusive". So...maybe I natural have a delicate flora balance going on and I should just keep taking probiotic and practicing good "vagina hygiene"? (e.g. no soaps, wipe front to back, sleep with no underwear, etc.)

Would love to hear what you folks think - could it be BV without foul odor or irritation? Does this sound like normal mid-cycle discharge? Anyone else have a stronger smell post-sex? Should I run into the doc ASAP or just bring it up at my next annual exam? I'm terrified of taking an antibiotic b/c I KNOW i'll get a yeast infection from it. I had 3 or 4 last year but have been blissfully yeast-free since summer....


- Early 30s
- Copper IUD
- Monogamous with boyfriend for +1 year
- Diva cup user (and fan)
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