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Tackling recurrent thrush and vulvodynia.

Really hoping I can get some help and advice from you lovely people. Bear with me for the back story!

So I've been struggling for 5 years, since my first boyfriend (probably his fault somehow, ugh), with recurrent thrush. Whenever I go through a period when I'm sexually active it will happen frequently, at least once a month with no real pattern. Then when I'm celibate it'll seem to disappear back into the shadows, I'll forget about it until my next partner and I'm reminded all of again of this stupid problem I have.

It manifests itself as white discharge, bit pasty, sometimes watery with white bits and minor discomfort and irritation. I don't get itching, or it's very minor and localised. The discharge smells yeasty and sour and tastes (yes I've checked) as sour as a lemon. I suppose it's mild as far as yeast infections go but damn is it stubborn whilst it's here - I know when I've got it when I feel that 'ping' feeling, if any ladies here know it. Then the dread sinks in. It's been an increasing pain to get rid of and I've never really sure if it's gone or not.

My main concern, since the infections are mild, has always been my partners as I desperately don't want to give them yeast infections, it has in the past ruined my sex life and relationships where I've dodged partners to avoid sex whilst I'm suffering from a YI. Now that I've met someone I want to keep, I bit the bullet and explained it all to my new bf (what a weight off my shoulders that was,) who is very understanding but is keen to wear condoms when I'm symptomatic to avoid the possibility of an irritated penis.

I also suffer from provoked vulvodynia (diagnosed about 4 years ago) around my vaginal entrance that occasionally affects sex if the spots are touched. I've read this can actually be caused by recurrent thrush and it certainly seems to have gotten worse recently, anyone know anything about this??

Present: About a month ago, I was diagnosed with BV rather than thrush and it was a happy happy day because hey, you can't give your bf BV. Then it turned out it was thrush after all and the strong metronidazole I had been given for a week (thanks gyn) is probably why this bout is so stubborn. That was dealt with by a single 200mg fluconazole tab I had been given for when I finished off the met.
So I was then diagnosed with another YI infection two weeks ago, saw a gyn who put me on 2 x 150mg fluconazole (1, then another 3 days later.) This didn't seem to work, so I took another after another 3 days. And since then I've had two negative thrush tests (no BV, no candida, all normal) but am still not convinced as things still don't feel 'right.' I honestly don't know if it's thing is gone or not, or if it's my vulvodynia flaring and it's making me an increasingly paranoid, stressed out person. I just want this constant streak of infections out of my life and a normal condom-less sex life back with my new bf. Why do I still feel a bit symptomatic even though the tests are negative?

I'm frightened that this is just going to get harder and harder to treat - canesten never worked, pessaries do nothing and if I'm taking fluconazole it has to be in multiple doses. I practically overdose on probiotics (syntol) multiple times a day (which interestingly I had run out of for 5 days when the YI struck), eat yoghurt daily, cook and chow down on coconut oil daily, take multivits etc.
I'm waiting for cultures and blood tests to come back since I finally found a specialist who knows a thing or two and I am now very serious about getting to the bottom of this but in the meantime I'm stuck feeling completely out of tune with my body and it's so upsetting. Whilst I wait, the specialist has given me lotriderm cream and Balance Activ to use (which I'm a little nervous about, anyone with thrush have any experience with this?)

Honestly I'm just looking for perhaps some like experiences, perhaps success stories, what I can expect, is there anything I can try and in particular how anyone in a similar boat has been able to carry on having a normal healthy sex life whilst they're tackling this?

Thanks everyone, it helps to vent!

EDIT: Can yeast infections make vulvodynia worse? Although I reckon this bout is either gone or going, my vulva feels more sensitive than ever. Even my pants feel like sandpaper :/
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