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No more help from the doc

Please help me stop worrying

Warning:this may be TMI , with the pics and all

Let me start off by telling you about myself, I am 22 years old, had my first period at the age of 15 and I can honestly i have never had a regular period consecutively (at best my period has been regular for a two month cycle maybe once or twice in my lifetime) i have an athletic build and have always been within my height/weight range. I've had my period only five times this year(2014), if that tells you a little bit about my irregular periods.

(May 2014)Earlier this year i saw my doctor in an uncomfortable condition. I had a small superficial tear on the skin a centimeter above my clitoral hood, which was not diagnosed but written off due to dry painful sex because of a bacteria vaginosis infection, I was given antibiotics and things seemed to clear up.

A week and a month ago(nov.17)
My boyfriend(of five years) and I were getting it on. Things are going all great until my vagina swelled up so tight and painful, he felt like a dagger in me, I had to tell my sweet bf to stop because the pain was so severe and it was un bearable i started crying. I went to the bathroom, and ran some cold water on myself in the shower, the pain faded but later that night i went to use the bathroom for no.2 and felt the same pain all over again, extreme pain, pressure in my vagina. Nothing like any menstrual cramps I've ever had, and I've had bad ones. Next morning, same thing when I sat on toilet. I called my doc and set up the soonest appt I could for the next Monday.
All week during work and at home it hurt to sit down, squat, or use the bathroom
At the docs, upon examination my doc said that i was having Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, she did a swab test and tested me for pregnancy, gonnoreah, chlamydia, aids. She looked at the swab under the microscope and I was diagnosed for bacterial vaginosis again. I was given a antibiotic shot, which I think she told me was for the PID, and was prescribed metronidozol 500mg and doxycycline 100mg twice a day for two weeks for the BV.
Next Monday i got my period, which made me feel like all that pelvic pain was just strong pms cramps but idk for sure.

At my checkup appt, it was my last day of my period, so no need to examine me they decided everything was healing. And I was told my tests for gonnoreah, chlamydia, aids were all negative. So they sent me home and told me tosee them if I have any more problems.

the day after my period ended i was able to tell how inflamed and red everything down there was, and there was a large amount of white milky discharge flowing out of me(not my normal color of dishcarge) it burned to pee, I went to Walgreens, bought an at home UTI test and a one day treatment for yeast infection.(the test read positive for LEU's but negative for NIT's) and made yet another doc appt.
A week later and I had my appt today, my doc said she didn't think things looked red at all. I told her where the pain was(the actual opening of my vagina up to where my urethra is) and I made sure she examined me. She said she doesn't notice anything and didnt think there was anything on the swab she took) which is funny because when she was feeling the area that I said was in pain, she pinched the little bump there is, and that hurt!

She said she's treated me for everything that she can and admitted that she didn't know what is causing my discomfort. But she did say that the dishcarge didn't look like most people's discharge. [this wasn't discussed at docs, but I've also noticed that i have oral candidiasis of the tongue, and diarrhea constantly... Like I've had diarreah for over a month... and hemmorroids, and a respiratory cough with mucous]..also there has occasionally been small spots of blood/anal discharge on the toilet paper when I wipe, but I figure this is from hemmorroids.

So I am utterly confused at this point.(like you probably are, if you're still reading)

I would like to attach a picture here. During the course of all this i have taken a few looks down there and what I'm looking at doesnt seem to be what I see in anatomy pics. Am I normal? Or do I have something blocking the entrance of my vagina. Because it sure feels like i do when I insert my finger. The inside of my vaginal opening is not smooth, it gets really inflamed to the touch of if I am arroused, it is causing me pain.

There is grape like bumps on the upper outer vaginal opening and there are larger squishy fleshy lumps on the anterior vaginal opening

This is me trying to show the area i am talking about

This is when my vagina muscles are contracted

I do intend to look for another doc when I find out about my health coverage, in a few weeks, since I can't get no more help from doctor # 1

My worried vagina
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