amanda (bambiblake007) wrote in vaginapagina,

eye question

hi. i didnt kno where else to ask this.
ok. so i had some gunk in my tear duct a week or 2 ago and i got it out. eversince my eye has been hurting and red and my husband looked at it and said it looked like there was a pimple near my tear duct. a couple months ago i had a stye on this eye (it's my left eye). and my allergies have been acting up (partly bc it's that time of yr and partly bc we have a new kitty)..idk if that's the only reason my eye is acting like this bc of the cat and stuff or if i hurt it when i got that stuff out of my tear duct. it's a lil sore around my tear duct and my lower eye lid is a lil sore too. any idea wat's goin on?? thnx.
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