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Help Me Have Endo Sex

I've got a bunch of endo symptoms that are currently managed with a Mirena IUD.  When I asked the doc who put it in about whether or not I might have endo, she said "Yes, you probably do, but this is the first line of treatment for it anyway."

The Mirena helped lots with very heavy periods.  They are heavy now, but manageable, and my cramps aren't nearly as severe. The only endo symptom that's persisted and, in fact, seems to be getting worse, is pain with sex.  It doesn't always happen during sex, it's much more likely to occur in the couple of days after sex and it feels like moderate cramps and like the inside of my vagina is bruised.

I need to go back to the doc to get this addressed, but in the interim, anybody got suggestions for how to make sex with what I'm guessing is endo work better? I'm bummed because I used to like sex and this is making it decidedly unpleasant.

Health background, if it's relevant:
Tested for STIs and pelvic exam by GP in early November.  STI tests negative, pelvic exam normal.
Transvaginal ultrasounds -- no polyps or fibroids
Uterine biopsy -- mild adenomyosis

Edited to add: I've started taking a couple of Advil about an hour before sexytimes if I think they're going to happen and while it helps some, I still hurt a lot the next day.
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