munimunibaby (munimunibaby) wrote in vaginapagina,

Cut on Labia Majora

Hello VPers! I started my period about a week and a half ago. A day or so afterward I started to get extremely itchy. I had been using scented pads because I accidentally bought the wrong ones. At first the pads felt like they gave me a rash and discomfort. And then the itching feeling, like my normal yeast infections. I get itchy, I get discharge, I go to the doctor for a swab, and its always yeast. Well, this time the doctor told me it looks like I have herpes and that she was pretty sure. I was in shock; I remember thinking that my husband cheated on me and it circled through my head over and over again. We have been in a relationship for three years and neither of us has had an outbreak. Well, after speaking with my husband, I am not convinced I have herpes. Ive had no bumps or blisters. And she didnt order a culture or a blood test. I was in too much shock and hurt to have demanded one. She did take a urine test which was inconclusive since there was too much blood and Im going to assume the swab was the same. She prescribed a medicine to lessen the symptoms that Ive been taking for five days now but it has done absolutely nothing. In fact, Im more itchy. My period stopped and Ive noticed a white discharge. My questions are, does this look like herpes or yeast? If I get the herpes tests now, how accurate will they be? Is it possible for the first outbreak to take more than three years to show up? Wouldnt this have shown up during my recent pregnancy since the immune system doesnt work as well? Can you have herpes with no blisters? And I dont mean to offend anyone with my reaction to this news. I was and still am, very uneducated about herpes, this is why I am asking for help and looking for answers.
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