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Soooo ... can a person get pregnant on her second last day of her period?

I know, I know ... another pregnancy question.

But this is one I want a "YES" to ...

You see I was told I would never get pregnant ... I have PCOS and at the age of 35 just started to get regular periods. Last November 12 I got the phone call I never thought I would get ... "congrats, your pregnant" but then at 9 wks we discovered I had a stalled pregnancy and the fetus had not grown past 5.5 wks. My body was not rejecting the fetus so I had to go in for an emergency D&C on Dec 17th.

Needless to say myself and my SO and family were devastated.

We tried and tried and tried to get pregnant again, even using clomid but to no avail.

Well my SO and I split up, and he moved on ... except they had a fight two weeks ago today and he came running back to me. I was on my period, second to last day ... but we still had sex, twice.

Is there any chance, at all that I could get pregnant during this????

Even though my ex and I are no longer talking, I would still want this. I make enough money to do it on my own, and I would have a huge, huge family support from both his side and mine. Though I don't think he would be involved .... but he could prove me wrong there.

My stats are: cis female, single, 39 yrs of age, have lost 76lbs in the last 2 years (was 285 now 212 - 5' tall), been sexually active since 15, only one pregnancy, and only have had regular periods since 35 yrs of age.

So ... can anyone give me any advice?

Thank you in advance!
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