msann11 (msann11) wrote in vaginapagina,

feeling of trapped air??

Hi everyone! I hope all this isn't TMI but, here it goes;
2 nights ago my boyfriend of 7 years and I were a little bit drunk, we ended up having sex and things got a little rough. Well today I noticed this weird feeling in my vagina; it is like there is air trapped inside. I feel it almost constantly. But no air or anything comes out. There is no smell, and no pain, although I have felt like I have been discharging more than usual, although when I check, there isn't discharge. I hope this makes since. I've never had this happen before. Could this have been caused by my boyfriend going in too far, or something like that? Thanks for any feedback, I'm kinda freaked out!
Also, I am on the depo provera shot, and I am due for another shot in about 1 month. (Dec. 23)
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