jenni06 (jenni06) wrote in vaginapagina,

I-don't-think-I'm-pregnant-but-I-need-reassurance post

Hi folks !
Hope y'all enjoying thanksgiving :)
I'm in a particular situation and I need some of you to give me some advice.

I'm not on pill but I've been sexually active for two - three weeks. He put a condom so we had safe sex.  But my periods have always been irregular, meaning that it's always 1 or 2 weeks late.  This month, my periods were late but just a little more than usual. I was supposed to have it around the 15th but I only got them 3 days ago. And it's really light, too light. I usually have cramps and I bleed quite a lot. But now either I'm just spotting or have nothing.  I eat normally so I don't think it's about my diet  because I know that when I don't eat a lot, I don't bleed a lot too. But I still feel bloated ....
Anyway, I'm kind of relieved that I finally have my period but the fact that it's not bleeding that much makes me wonder ...

So do you guys think that I might be pregnant ? :/
Should I get a test ?
And does bleeding automatically means that I'm not pregnant despite being really light ?

Hope you guys understand my issue, and could help me out !

Thank you :)

UPDATE : I was going crazy today so I couldn't stay calm and I went to buy a test at the pharmacy. And to be honest, when I exposed my problem to the pharmacist, she didn't reassure me AT ALL. She was telling me that it was not normal and that I should do the test. And it's NEGATIVE, thank lord. But still my periods are problematic.

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