gainingvelocity (gainingvelocity) wrote in vaginapagina,

Accidentally Took 2 Pills

I just went to take my pill and noticed that today's is missing so probably took two pills in one day. I've been Googling and seeing it's recommended to just keep on taking them, but my issue is that all of the results are from people who just doubled up that day. I truly have no idea when I did, but it was likely this week as I have been a little out of it. And it's completely possible that I actually took today's earlier and never really doubled up, though I doubt it.

If it's recommended I keep on taking them, should I start my next pack a day early or can I start on my normal day?

Details: I'm on Yasmin, don't care about the protection aspect. Just mostly concerned with spotting. Also, today would be day 1 of week 3.
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