daloolally (daloolally) wrote in vaginapagina,

Missing period 6 weeks post IUD insertion with strange discharge

I'm freaking out a little bit. I had the copper IUD fitted 7 weeks ago as an emergency due to a condom failure, 3 weeks ago (1 month post insertion) I went back and all looked well, the strings are where they should be and my period had come (with horrific cramps but hey ho) so I was given the all clear to stop using condoms.

Since then I've had sex a few times without condoms (1 long term partner, no STIs). I'm now a week late with my period, about 36-7 days into my cycle. I have had sporadic cramping (nothing as intense as the first period with the IUD) and the last 2 days some discharge has been slightly brown. I'm really concerned as to what might be happening and was hoping you could offer some words of wisdom.

If it's relevant I am 21, NP, only had 1 partner and we were both each others firsts.

Any comments are helpful at this stage.
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