bluebabygthumb (bluebabygthumb) wrote in vaginapagina,

Porn, consent and Sexual slurs

Ok. So, me and my boyfriend are ok with each other watching porn.
But i have a question about something different entirely, I will put a cut for triggering language (like sexual slurs. I hate them, but I'm here to talk about them)
I habe never used a cut before, so please for give me if i mess up.

I want to watch porn with consenting, happy partners. And i don't want the girls or guys in the video being called sl*ts or wh*res.
At all. These terms not only turn me off like a light bulb, but can be triggering if repeated to often. I also dont feel ok with videos being set up (faked) to look like rape.
I find it disturbing, while understanding that perhaps that is just some people's fantasy. I cant remove the very real idea that i could be
Watching a rape (this is the internet we are talking about, and stufd like that can take forever to take down even on a reputable website)
But..... Unfortunalty for me, i like kinky porn (like double penetration + more people.... And hentai)
Its like if the female-bodied people are enjoying themselves, they get called sexual slurs.
But if not, its pretty agressive and the female-identifying sex participants seem like they have no control or were forced/manipulated.
I have found few exceptions.
I would like to know if you vaginapaginal pals had any websites or deviantart or internet group i could join to find what I'm looking for.
Or do i just have to draw it myself????!? I a good artist but i dont have time to make my own porn (anymore... Long story)

I know there are other people out there who want what im talking about too, i just dont have the time to make it or lurk the internet for it.
Thanks for reading this. I just want sex possitive multi-partner sex stories/porn/hentai.
I have never done it in real life, but a few years down the road me and my boyfriend (who i love with all my heart) want to look into it in a safe, consentual manor.

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