jjggff0723 (jjggff0723) wrote in vaginapagina,

Protected Sex During Ovulation, No Ejaculation Inside

Hi there,

Turned to this community because I'm wondering about the risk level of protected PIV sex during ovulation with no ejaculation inside the body.

I had previously been on HBC but stopped a few months ago because it was making me gain weight. I am pretty familiar with my body and its cycle. Since then my BF and I use condoms. I hardly ever let him actually come inside me with the condom on, we usually take it off and he finishes via hands etc.

Tonight we had sex with a condom on, and he did the usual thing when he was about to come, pulled out, took off the condom and I used my hand and he finished mostly on my stomach, a bit got on my inner thigh. Then I realized that these next few days I would be ovulating.

I can usually tell when this is starting to happen as I check my discharge etc, and haven't noticed that tell tale thick mucus that I always get when I am assuming I'm the most fertile, but could definitely feel a bit of a change, more moistness, which I guess is kind of part of why the sex happened, haha!

I was wondering about the risk of this encounter? I read other posts about protected sex during ovulation saying the risk of pregnancy was low, but in most scenarios the guy came inside with the condom on. In my situation, my BF pulled out and came on me instead. As far as I could tell the condom wasn't compromised in any way.

My BF and I are always careful I am just admittedly more paranoid now that I'm off the pill. I also have this irrational thought that maybe a single drop of semen splashed onto my crotch while I was finishing him off, usually he comes more on my chest but this time it ended up being on my lower stomach and thigh area. Not sure if that part is even worth worrying about.

Thanks in advance, sorry if this turned into a bit of a ramble!
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