emilyanne8 (emilyanne8) wrote in vaginapagina,

Skin bumps on vulva

I have these bumps on my vulva that I've been thinking were ingrown hairs, since they showed up around the last time I shaved. When I went in for an annual exam last week, the NP asked if they'd been there for a while, and I realized that they had been there for a couple months. She also asked about my skin being red along the lines of my underwear at the same time, and I said that the redness was my skin just being hyper sensitive to everything right now, and I need to bring that up with my derm, and the bumps had been there for a couple months, now that I think about it. She didn't say anything else about them, but it kind of stuck with me that they weren't gone, and surely ingrown hairs would have gone away by now, so I pulled out a mirror and looked at them tonight. They look more like small moles (1-2 mm, and probably about a half dozen of them) than ingrown hairs, but they also aren't red or particularly itchy or anything. Is it worth me going back in and specifically getting them checked out, or should I assume the NP would have said something more if they're actually concerning?

Thanks in advance!
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