hikari87 (hikari87) wrote in vaginapagina,

Can lack of arousal cause the cervix to be lower?

I've been having sex with my boyfriend for a year now (first partner for us both.) During that time, the only times I've experienced cervix-punching was when I was on top and my weight pressing down would cause deeper penetration. A couple nights ago we were trying to get it on and for some reason I just was not getting aroused. I mean, I was turned on, but my vagina was staying tight and dry even after I came. When we started actually having intercourse, he was hitting my cervix almost every thrust and it hurt very much. I was too invested in the idea of finishing to stop him (I get into a weird headspace sometimes during sex) and afterwards I had intense cramping for about 10 minutes and twinges through the rest of the night. I know my body and I know that the pain was all because of cervix punching, but I've never, ever experienced cervix punching in missionary before and I was wondering if it was owing to a lower cervix due to lack of arousal. I did notice afterwards that there was almost no "slime" or natural lubricant in my vagina, and there's usually a LOT after having sex.
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