Dehlia (redhandedjilll) wrote in vaginapagina,

Birth Control Refills

Hey everyone, I need a bit of advice.

So I took the last pill in my latest pack and placebo week starts tomorrow. When I went online to refill my prescription, I realized I'm out of refills (which makes sense, since I was put on the pill a year ago around this time of year) from what I understand, I can't get refills unless I make an appointment for an exam, correct? At least, that's what I'm reading from others. I had my pharmacy send in a refill request just in case.

The only problem with making an appointment is that I was on a different insurance last year, and now I'm on Medicaid, which I'm about 99% sure the OB/GYN I got the prescription at does not accept.

So while I have a week to figure it out, I'm wondering what I should do to prevent going without the pill for too long if they won't refill it. Should I just immediately make an appointment with a new OB/GYN? Can I ask the previous OB/GYN if I can get at least another month so I don't have to go without?
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