amanda (bambiblake007) wrote in vaginapagina,

anal blood??

hey ya'll. i am asking this question for my girlfriend. (i'm sorry that this is TMI)
a week ago, she noticed she was pooping a lot and had blood (she said it was a clot of blood) and was sick for about 24hrs. we kno she's not pregnant..i thought she might be having a miscarriage..bc she and my husband have had unprotected sex..but she said it was anal blood.
anyway. it passed. and we thought she was ok.
then, tonite my husband comes in here and asks me if i peed in the bathroom (i have been fighting a yeast infection all week soo i had just done an application and i guess he thought it couldve made me bleed idk) and i was like, no i didnt pee. and she told him it was her bleeding's still anal blood..but she said there was no pooping involved or pain..she said she had felt a lil constipated the other day but nothing like she'd gone thru b4 with the constant pooping etc. anyway. she has decided to put hemrroid cream on atm but i think she needs to go c a doctor (even an ER doctor) since she's experienced the anal bleeding twice in such a short amount of time.
wat are ya'lls thoughts?? do ya'll think it's just hemrroids or something tore when she was pooping?? or do ya'll think it could be something more serious?? any info would be greatly appreciated. thnx.
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