dextronaut; (avalonpolo) wrote in vaginapagina,

Paragard - IUD Severe Cramps

For the love of all things wonderful in this world PLEASE tell me that someone has found some sortof remedy for the hell cramps caused by the paragard.

I got my paragard in January 2009 and the intense cramps started almost instantly (I never got cramps before the paragard). I remember coming on here and reading many users say the horrible cramps would subside after about six months or so and I was very very relieved.

But, here I am 5 years and 10 months later curled up on my couch sobbing and screaming at my dogs everytime they make any noise.

I know it sounds like I'm being dramatic but I have a VERY high pain tolerance and these cramps are the only physical pain that breaks me down into tears. I really need a remedy, and the only one i know that works for me at percocet and muscle relaxers and of course I have no access to either of them.

Please help girls, I'm begging you.
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