vavoooom (vavoooom) wrote in vaginapagina,

herpes scare?

so, i'm getting nervous about this. i feel like when i've shaved before i've gotten bumps and always assumed it was because of that. hopefully i'm using the right terms.. but always on the mons pubis. they never really bothered me except when i'd poke and prod. it almost feels like when you have a regular pimple that hasn't fully come up yet and you touch it or try to pop it.. just feel pressure. I've popped them before and just white stuff has come out and sometimes bled after. they'd heal up pretty quick. they basically are the same color as my skin.. it's almost just as if there's a bump under my skin i guess? sometimes they'll have a white head.

so a few days ago.. i felt a small pimple like bump but it was right at the top of the crease of the labia majora. popped, bled, healed up fast. then i found another... popped exactly like a pimple and is almost healed. same thing... no different color.. basically the same as my skin.. with a white head. now yesterday i've gotten another bump on my mons pubis... right above the crease. same color as my skin.. slightly red i guess from touching. i can barely see it and actually had the problem with the other ones unless i feel around i can't find it. right now it has that feeling of the pimple that hasn't come to head yet. but i've also had a cold... when i just got over one two weeks ago so now this is why i'm getting so nervous since i've seen getting sick can also be apart of herpes. also the fact that i had three different bumps around the same time/place. also, i usually got them on my bikini line, mons pubis and now that they were right at the crease it concerned me more. there's nothing near my vagina at all, no itchiness, no discharge, no smell, doesn't hurt to pee. the one bump left doesn't hurt.. it's only when i touch it i feel something but it's not even really painful. just like what i tried to relate it to before, the pressure from a pimple thats like still under the skin. i don't know if this is enough info but i guess i wanted to see if it just sounded like these were pimples, ingrown hairs or something else :(
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