kimmay (kayeyem) wrote in vaginapagina,

Quick Assist?

Before I send my husband out for yogurt and/or some OTC cream...

What can I do for my kidlet?  She's just over 3 years old and just finished Augmentin for a borderline-pnemona chest cold.  My first reaction was to break out the Nystatin cream we have in the medicine cabinet from when she was still in diapers (over a year and a half ago) since the tube I kept has never been opened...but I don't know if it would help at all, or if I need to somehow treat the infection internally.

I've called the nurse line and am waiting for a call back, but the local big box store closes in fifteen minutes so I'm pretty much trying ALL avenues of assistance...

(She woke up and told me her vulva hurt, based on redness and discharge (and recent antibiotics) I am certain it's a yeasty beasty.)
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