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Sorry for the sock puppet I think this is pretty vagina related though.

I'm not for sure how to go about this but I'm interested in finding out if I have PMDD or if my PMS just sucks.
Before I used to think that bad things happened and then my period would appear. I've always felt like I've had some traits of depression/anxiety (but I've never been officially diagnosed or anything but I have went to counseling before.) Granted I still believe that bad things happen to me around the time my period is supposed to show but I how I deal with it has gotten worst over the years. Long story short my last pre-menstrual "episode" resulted in lots of self-harming (I bite and broke skin this time which I never ever do and a lot of hitting) and contemplated suicide and praying that I wouldn't wake up.
The only thing is that looking up PMDD symptoms the only ones I have are mental ones. Physical symptoms are pretty low key. My cramps are manageable, my flow is pretty average I think I'm not going through products every hour or anything like that and my cycle is very normal. If it matters I'm on HBC (sprintec) and I have been on & off for about 5 years but the hopelessness feelings have been around for about 10 years or so. I just always thought I needed "help" but I never correlated it to my menstrual cycle. Usually I'm a really positive and uplifting person.
If I think I have PMDD should I talk to my GYN or a therapist? Or if I'm still on the PMS spectrum and not quite exhibiting PMDD symptoms is there anything I can do without talking to a doctor?

Thanks in advance for all of the help!!
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