Lia (wyldlittlepoet) wrote in vaginapagina,

Period won't stop!

Hello superstars!

So, I've had a pretty rough couple of months health-wise. I had two bouts of bronchitis within 6 weeks, one of which landed me in the ER, and I'm dissertation-writing and job-hunting which comes with all sorts of stress. I have some sort of undiagnosed menstrual weirdness that one doctor thought was endometriosis, but my current doctor thinks is nothing, and I was on Seasonique for the past `4 years or so to suppress my periods. I came off of Seasonique in February because I discovered that it was killing my libido, and for the subsequent time have not been on any sort of HBC, which frankly, has been great. My periods, however, disagree, and started getting pretty irregular. This time around, my period was 2 weeks late, which I figured was due to the aforementioned bronchitis. It finally came on Sunday 10/12 and was extremely light and mostly clots. That was fine. It stopped briefly on 10/15, and restarted on 10/16, whereupon it started getting a lot heavier. It hasn't stopped since then.

So, superstars, my questions are thus:

2. My annual pelvic exam/pap smear is scheduled for next Thursday. Should I go even if my period hasn't stopped?
3. It's not worryingly heavy (it takes ~3 hours to soak through a super tampon, for example) but I have been extremely tired the past few days, and I just took an accidental 4-hour nap. At what point should I be concerned?
4. Other than trying to plug it up a la Carrie, is there anything else I can do? 
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