Miss Lafourcade (misslafourcade) wrote in vaginapagina,
Miss Lafourcade

bleeding during sex

Hello everyone. I just had a quick question regarding vaginal bleeding during sex.

I'm on hormonal BC, Minastrin to be precise. I've pretty much stopped having a period on this birth control, so I don't usually experience bleeding.

So, a week ago or so, I experienced vaginal bleeding during sex. It wasn't a lot of blood or anything, but once we were done, there was red while we were cleaning ourselves up and a little on the sheets. It's pretty unusual, so I was wondering if someone knows what might have caused something like that? It wasn't menstrual blood, since it doesn't match up with my cycle.

It only happened once, it didn't happen when I had sex the following day and hasn't happened since.

I've also recently lost my health insurance, so if going to the doctor's office is the only way to ease my worries about this, I'll feel pretty bummed out. But I guess, you gotta do what you gotta do. Thanks for any advice!
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