sliveredlight (sliveredlight) wrote in vaginapagina,

Fertility Tracker

I checked a few tags and didn't find anything along these lines yet, so I hope I didn't miss it.

I am interested to know what those who are TTC are using as their app/tracker (Fertility Friend, Glow, Ovia, etc.). I was SUPER EXCITED about Glow until I determined that it doesn't keep my Notes after about a week, and I was using the Notes section to track my ferning data (a data point they won't add as a "symptom"). So yeah. Useless.

I like OvuView and I'm contemplating paying for it, but I'm looking for opinions on FertilityFriend, Ovia, Kindara and any others you might be super excited to recommend. Bonus points for apps that allow me to track ferning as well as ones tuned to irregular cycle/PCOS/etc.

I have an Android device, btw.

Thank you!
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