angelofmusic87 (angelofmusic87) wrote in vaginapagina,

Concern over 2 weeks of spotting

I am 27, never had kids, in a monogomous relationship, and currently have had the Skyla for a year and 4 months. I previously had a Paragard for 2 years before it decided to jump ship on me. But anyway, a little background: I have had zero issues with my little Skyla and could NOT be happier with it. I had some pretty nasty cramping and bleeding for the first 3-4 months with the Paragard and have none of those complications at all with the Skyla. My periods off of any kind of contraception have always been extremely regular, light to moderate bleeding, and lasted 5-7 days. I still have a small period with the Skyla (which I actually prefer, gotta love a little reassurance! :D) that only gives me spotting to light bleeding and lasts 2-4 days. Well, two weeks ago from today, I started my period as usual. I went on vacation for four days the day after it started and it seemed to peeter out as usual the following Monday. Tuesday evening after I had returned home, I had some more spotting. I haven't stopped spotting since. A couple of days it has been almost a light flow even but, for the most part, it has only been present when I wipe after going to the bathroom. I've had some very minor, regular cramping a few of these days and otherwise have no pain or discomfort. I have had sex three times while this has been occurring and there were no complications there either. I know that sometimes hormonal fluxes can cause this sort of thing and since I do not have any pain, discomfort, or seemingly abnormal symptoms, I know I have no REAL reason to be worried but this is just a very strange occurence for me. Can anyone else share a similar experience or a little advise? I don't feel like I'm at a point just yet where I should go to see my doc but I'm still a little anxious, which likely isn't making it any better. :D

UPDATE: The spotting FINALLY stopped 2 weeks and 1 day later. Thank goodness!
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