amanda (bambiblake007) wrote in vaginapagina,

TTC question: clomid and sperm count costs

hi ya'll. so i have a question.

me and my husband have decided to get serious about TTC a baby after the 1st of the yr (mostly we are waiting til then to c that all of our finances are a bit better) and we're giving ourselves til 2016 to conceive..1yr of active trying..

pretty much everything is go for me from my gyno bc i needed to get my diabetes under control and when i went in to get my A1C it was at 6.7 (from 10) which my pcp was very happy about :) and my husband had said he didnt want TTC until my diabetes was under control..

anyway. my gyno wants my husband to go in and get a sperm count and my husband doesnt want to do it bc he says we dont have the money for it. the info packet my gyno gave me said there is financing available and i read online one clinic that they took some insurance..idk wat kind of insurance my husband has and i'm on tenncare but i'm not sure if it's also considered bluecross. my husband seems to think (and so does our gf) that the testing we'll need done is out of pocket and refuses to even consider going to the doctor to c wat they tell us ::sigh::

if i need clomid, i've read that it's pretty reasonable -- $10 / $20 -- which i can afford..but my partners think it'll be really far as my gyno is concerned i can start checking ovulation asap and shouldnt have a problem getting pregnant (he doesnt c any abnormalities on my pap smears or healthwise except that i'm diabetic and ghsv1+ which i have both under control).

so i guess my questions are:
1.) is clomid going to be easy to obtain without much money out of pocket like i've read??
2.) will insurance cover my husband getting a sperm count done?? or if not, will it not be really expensive??

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