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VP now has a FB group!

Hey there Superstars!

We're writing to remind you abour our cool new facebook discussion group! You may have seen a couple posts about it here over the last week or so as we prepared to launch, but it's taking off in a really neat way and we'd be happy to have you join the conversations. For example, today we are talking about alternative menstrual products and dissecting a really terrible article we stumbled upon about the importance of wives sexing up their husbands every night (WHAT?).

The rules are pretty much the same as they are here on LJ, with a few tweaks because Facebook is not LJ (see: privacy). Our group is closed (but not secret--read more about FB group privacy settings over here), which means that it will show up in searches but all the posts and comments are private and viewable only to members. It also means that you need to ask to be added; we're usually pretty fast at that part but don't take it personally if it takes a bit for us to click the button. Also, the rules are stickied at the top of the group--please look them over once you gain access.

Queries, concerns, virtual high fives? We'd love to hear from you.

-- Jen, Gracie, and Tasha
Your VP on FB admin
For the VP Team
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