tinyroses72 (tinyroses72) wrote in vaginapagina,

Anyone have experience with initial herpes outbreaks?

Hello! So long story short, before my current relationship i had been tested for all stds including herpes which i was negative. He has only had two partners before me, one was his virgin first gf and the second was a one time thing protected. He does not have HSV2 although he has gotten a cold sore last year. He went down on me twice last month. I am becoming increasingly worried about getting genital HSV1. I have had no symptoms at all, or any other oral encounters since then. I cant get a Drs. appointment to talk with my gyno for another month. But I'm just thinking, isn't it likely that if i did have it i would have at least experienced some symptoms? Iv never heard of herpes going completely unnoticed and my doctor has told me that that usually people do get at least one outbreak despite what online says. Should i be scared?
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