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Pregnancy scare

Hello ^^ This is another am-I-pregnant story, but it's going to be long and complicated. Fyi, I do not want a baby and, should I turn out to be pregnant, I intend to seek an abortion. My partner supports this decision. Also, I am not in the US, so insurance may not work the same way, but I know more or less what is covered and what isn't.

So, I'm on the pill and I forgot it on day 7. It's a 21-day pill and I always wait 7 days in between to get 28 day cycles and withdrawal bleeds. I only realized that I had forgotten it the next day, more than 12h after the due time so too late. I took the forgotten pill anyway and then the next one normally like the instructions say I should.

I had unprotected sex on day 5 of my pill. We never used condoms until now, now we've tried it and it works out so I'll probably ask that we always use them even after the big scare is over. Anyway, the instructions for my pill say that forgetting a pill within 3 days after unprotected sex puts one at a risk of pregnancy so yeah! Awesome, now I have to worry about this!

I absolutely do not want to be pregnant and I even think I might have some kind of pregnancy phobia because I feel really bad about all this, I just want this to be over.

I saw a doctor to get emergency birth control (IDK what it's called in English, I'll try to clarify if needed) but he said it was too late. He was a doctor I didn't know, I couldn't see the usual one because I was in another city. The doctor was very dismissive, he didn't explain anything and he sounded like he wanted to get done with me and take the next patient ASAP. I also have a cold that won't go away so he gave me antiviotics for that too. The antibiotics aren't working. For the pregnancy risk, he gave me a prescription for a blood test that I must do if my period is late. Yes, I told him I was on the pill.

I'm on day 16 of my pill and I have had no nausea or anything so far. My gut feeling tells me I'm not pregnant but I'm still scared. After seeing the doctor, I called a hotline that helps with seeking an abortion, because I know that there is not a day to lose if I need one so I wanted to feel prepared even though I had to wait for the blood test no matter what. The woman was very nice and tried to comfort me. She said that given the time in my cycle, the risk is really low. The conversation didn't really make me feel prepared, but I'm still thankful that at least the person tried to understand She told me to get a urine test, but my insurance doesn't cover random tests, only prescribed ones, so while it's relatively cheap, I'm not doing it unless I know it will be really reliable.

So I'm waiting for the blood test. However, I was a bit surprised that the doctor told me to do it only if my period was late. I'm on the pill, so my periods aren't periods, right? And I'm likely to get one normally even in the event that I'm pregnant ? If that's the case, should I get the blood test done even if I get a normal withdrawal bleed ? I suspect the doctor said period rather than withdrawal bleed to simplify, but part of me thinks that maybe, just maybe, he was outright incompetent :/

Also, the antibiotic he gave me for my cold is one I had never had before. I'm nearly at the end of the treatment and it's not working too well. I'm going to try and see a doctor I know on Saturday, to get another antibiotic, but it just came to me that maybe the doctor gave me this one because it is suitable for pregnant women (that's what the instructions say) while the usual ones are not. If I go to another doctor, isn't he likely to give me an equally useless antibiotic because I might be pregnant ? Is there any way I can ascertain whether or not I'm pregnant before Saturday ? If not, I'm going to wait until the week after to see a doctor, because by then my blood test will be done.

Sorry, that was a long post. I may have forgotten to mention that I'll be using condoms with my partner until I start the next cycle of pills, and that I'm considering getting a contraceptive implant because apparently I can't trust myself with the pill. Also, I don't know if it's relevant but I hate all I'm going through, and I'm starting to hate myself as well as the idea of sex because of what's happening. I really don't think I'm pregnant (low risk given the timing, plus gut feeling) but I want it confirmed already so I can just move on. X_x
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