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Weird lump inside vagina...?

Hello everyone...so about 2 days ago I felt what I only assumed were weird period cramps. "Weird" because the slight pain wasn't from my ovaries, but rather farther back, closer to my spine than my stomach. So, thinking I was starting a weak period with no blood yet, I put a finger inside to see (cause it'd suck if I had a bloody mess the next morning without knowing to wear a pad) and, while in there, felt the weirdest thing I've ever felt, both on the tip of my finger and inside.

Keep in mind, I'm 15, not sexually active (unless getting fingered counts...?) and I've never gone (nor do I want to go any time soon) to a gyno. Oh, and this is probably tmi, but I gain no pleasure from fingering myself, so if it was my gspot, which I doubt, it didn't feel good, just as awkward as always.

Anyway, I was basically prodding at a THING, not in the front, near my pubic bone, but in the back part, probably about 3 inches in, I felt a hard, long-ish, probably tube-like thing just all up in there. My first thought was "oh, that's my gspot." But then I remembered where it's normally found, in the front, and thought "um...WTF" when I moved my finger and realized that, with some pressure, it could be pushed front OR back, which freaked me out. The best way I could describe it would be an inverted cervix. Instead of one hole in the middle of fleshy bits (like in 2D internal vagina drawings), there were TWO holes and one fleshy bit separating the two.
That's just what my fingers felt. What it felt like to be touched there was really disturbing. It felt like a bloated feeling along with a "there's something pushing a warm hard thing into your spine can you not do that?" And I couldn't help but wince and shudder by how creepy, NOT enjoyable, this lump made me feel. Just fyi, I ALWAYS get that "can you not" feeling when fingering, it's awful so I never do it.
I still don't know wtf it is, it swells and decreases like how a normal gspot would, but its nowhere near my pubic bone and if nything, hurts more than it feels good, which doesn't really say much. Can anyone please help me know what it is?? It's freaking me out. Thanks
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