halfandhalfs (halfandhalfs) wrote in vaginapagina,

uti treatment

i'm sure there has been a million posts like this but yeah... i've never had a uti before but about 3 days ago i kept having a slight feeling like i needed to pee even when i didnt need to. i figured it was a uti and drank a bunch of cranberry juice which may or may not have been out of date (it didnt have a date on it and i bought it from a discount store, so i have no clue) and almost immediately threw most of it up and had a fever/chills and i was achy all over the rest of the night. i got up the next morning (yesterday) and felt totally fine, none of those symptoms or the uti symptoms whatsoever. then today i wake up and have the same burning feeling like i need to pee, except its worsened now. ive been drinking a ton of water and i started taking azo cranberry this morning and thats the only uti symptom ive been having.

basically all of this to say that i dont have health insurance (my job only offers preventative care and doesnt cover doctor visits at all) so i was curious about going to planned parenthood to get checked out for the uti and get a prescription for an antibiotic. im curious about the price and i was wondering if any of you have been there for uti treatment before and how much it cost you?? im just looking for any kind of price range so ill know what im getting into. also any advice on how to ease annoying burning uti pain would be awesome!

if anyone could help id really appreciate it
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