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just another "am I pregnant?" post.

So I basically know nothing about pregnancy because I've never had a close friend or family member be pregnant in like the past 20 years. (I'm 25). The first day of my last period was September 13th, and my My Calendar app says I should have ovulated around September 29th. I know this isn't super duper accurate without other information like on natural family planning stuff, but I haven't been keeping track of anything because we aren't actually trying to conceive, although a baby would be VERY welcomed. Just not great timing. Anyway, we were on vacation and had sex on the beach, and the hubs only brought one condom, and it came off somehow before we started having sex and we were like "eh, oh well" and did it anyway. So he ejaculated inside of me, one time, on September 29th, the same night as when I *should* be ovulating, according to my app. So I'm just wondering what the chances are that I'm pregnant. Also, when do people generally start having symptoms? From what I looked up online I shouldn't really be having any symptoms yet, but this week my brain has been in a serious fog and I've been especially grumpy (really out of character) and I've had several weird lightheadedness moments which I usually never get. And my boobies hurt, although if I'm about to get my period in roughly 5 days, that would explain the boobs. That was the only instance of unprotected sex I can think of. We don't use any other forms of birth control. Oh, and when should I take a pregnancy test?

I would really like a baby even if it is bad timing but I'm really trying to not get my hopes up too high. :/

Thanks, pals!

(Edited to fix typos)
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