mach_na (mach_na) wrote in vaginapagina,

Herpes Scare

So an ex of mine informed me today that he may have genital herpes. He had bumps on his penis and took a blood test that came out positive for antibodies. He is retaking the test since there is the possibility that it is a false positive. The bumps didn't hurt or seem like the typical herpes outbreak. He has never experienced anything like this before. He has only had 3 partners and I was the middle of the 3. He has been with his wife now for 8 years and she has not had any symptoms.

We were together for a year back in 2004. We used a condom every single time we had sex and to be honest we were kind of incompatible sexually so our sex life was very minimal. I have never had any symptoms of herpes in these 10 years. I have been in a 4 year relationship since our breakup and am currently in a 3 year relationship and neither partner has exhibited any symptoms either. I was tested for various stds between each relationship at my gynecologist but am not sure if herpes was included. Now I am feeling all worried about this.

Do you think this should be a serious concern? I have my annual visit with my gyno in a few weeks so I'm going to ask her about it. Could herpes actually lie dormant for so many years without symptoms?
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