Leah (rayofblacklight) wrote in vaginapagina,

IUD and eggwhitey discharge

Hello All --

I'm not sure if this has been asked and answered lately but I didn't see anything. So sorry if this is redundant.

I'm a cis-female and not sexually active. I had my second mirena inserted in July. I don't remember if this happened with my first one and I just didn't pay attention or think about it as I was in law school and vaginal discharge prolly wasn't on the top of my mind but ANYWAY I seem to be having sticky eggwhitey discharge most of the time. I'll have a few days where it's more clear but then it goes back to the thick sticky stuff. I'm not having any symptoms of any infections...no smell, burning, itching, etc. It doesnt bother me in any way; it's just when I wipe it's like "hey sticky stuff." I don't track my ovulation. I'm just wondering if this is normal. I tried to look it up online but most of the stuff I found was with other symptoms of infection so it doesn't apply to me.


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