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Light bleed/spotting during ovulation. What's normal?

Sorry for another post so soon after my last one but something really scary happened to me.

I usually get pain associated with ovulation and rarely I have spotted every so slightly. I just ovulated and started actually bleeding a pinkish/brown, similar to what one might see when one first starts a period before the flood gates really open. This lasted all day along with the general light nausea I get when ovulating. This time however I was having crazy hot flashes as well.

I booked a last minute appointment at a PP at center that was open late and quite literally went in sobbing because I was convinced I had cervical/ovarian/uterine/some type of reproductive cancer. All that's been drummed into my head since I first got my period was "any bleeding between periods is abnormal and can be a sign of many "silent" reproductive cancers."

Anyway! Without even doing an exam, just a pregnancy test (neg), the doctor said that given the exorbitant amounts of stress I've been under, my cycle is likely totally out of whack and not to be surprised if I go on to have a light period. She said she was also surprised that I had never spotted before as it's "normal" for many people.

Thing is, I'm not sure whether I should be relieved that it's not, in fact, something more serious, or if they really didn't do enough to look into it and I'm just being blown off. I did impress upon them that it's not just a spot on the TP after wiping. That there was a reddish/brown sludge in my underwear and it keeps coming as I continue to wipe. They were totally unconcerned.

My cycles are like an atomic clock, always regular and on time without any surprises which is why this freaked me the F out because it's never been normal for me.

Has this every happened to any of you without something catastrophic being wrong?
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