Gang of Centaurs (rockstarbob) wrote in vaginapagina,
Gang of Centaurs

New VP Group on Facebook--Join Us!

Hello, Superstars!

We're writing to let you know that--by popular demand--VP is opening up a discussion group on FB. We are launching tomorrow, October 1 and we hope you'll join us in this exciting new adventure in the VP-verse!

The rules are pretty much the same as they are here, with a few caveats because Facebook (see: privacy). We aren't sure what will unfold, but we are excited to find out.

The group is closed (but not secret--read more about FB group privacy settings here), which means that it will show up in searches but all the posts and comments are private. It also means that you need to ask to be added; we will be approving members individually, so please be patient if there's a big influx. The rules are stickied at the top of the group--please look them over once you gain access.

Questions? Fist pumps? Please leave a comment or drop us a line on FB.

--Tasha, Gracie, and Jen
Your VP on FB admin
For the VP Team
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