4anonposts (4anonposts) wrote in vaginapagina,

Ovulation Pains and Spotting During Ovulation

I was just wondering if any other persons here experience spotting with ovulation?

I have always had ovulation pains, that's totally normal for me. On ovulation day, I tend to feel nauseated for a bit too. That can last anywhere from 2-24 hours and then symptoms disappear.

The accomapnying spotting is a relatively new thing for me, it started in the past 2 years or so. I only have one friend who experiences this and for her, it's only every 3 months or so whereas I seem to get it almost every month.

I heard that it can be a sign of peri-menopause? I'm in my 30's so I suppose it wouldn't be out of the question. Just looking for more people who experience this as normal for them so that my anxiety doesn't take me off into the "it's cancer!" deep end.
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