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See the blazing you'll be sorry...

US Healthcare advice on Labiaplasty?

I was pleased to see more than one post tagged with this particular tag, with similar posts to what I planned to ask, which means this isn't something I'm imagining as a problem, if you know what I mean, heh.

So over the years I've been frustrated by the length of my labia minora, which extend a ways past the labia majora, and now that I'm pregnant I feel like they've either started to swell more or I'm just noticing it more. I'd be delighted to find that my current problem is a pregnancy thing, since I'm due in just about a month and would like the pain and discomfort to GO AWAY ALREADY!

I mostly have problems with underwear fitting. I'm constantly feeling pinched, as my labia minora sort of 'fan out' and catch on the edges of my underwear or bunch up and feel squashed. Both are the sorts of things that happen constantly (especially just as I sit down or get up), and as one might imagine, I can't really adjust myself properly in public. I'm finding that no matter what style or size underwear I use, this happens, and I really hope that it will go away post-pregnancy. If it doesn't, then I need to get it taken care of ASAP because the discomfort and pain is to the point where it's affecting my mood and the way I treat other people! Not to mention the fact that I'm constantly afraid that if I adjust myself while driving, or something (which basically means I have to stick my hand down my pants to pull my underwear away from my crotch), that I'll get pulled over or get a talking-to from law enforcement, heh.

My weight right now is 256, which it's been since before my pregnancy, and at 34 weeks I'm pleased because it means (as in my previous pregnancies) that I've lost 'bad' weight to gain baby and baby support system weight, for a lack of better phrasing. That being said, I've always had rather long labia minora, and I don't think they've gained anything with my weight gain--so I doubt they'll lose any with weight loss, either.

[As others who've used this tag before me have stated, this is in no way a vanity issue. I'm coming up on my 13th wedding anniversary, I'm pregnant with our third child (our third daughter, too, so I want to be mindful of what any sort of body modification like this would come across as, if that makes sense), and we have a great physical relationship. I think he'll probably be surprised when I mention that I've been having this issue in the first place, heh.]

TL;DR: My questions are...

Has anyone had occasion to talk to a healthcare provider in the USA about labiaplasty before?
I'm lucky in that both my OB/GYN and my primary care physician are very supportive and not very judging about my weight, which is a relief given how many doctors view those of us with a high BMI (ugh, BMI).

My instinct tells me that this would be viewed as elective plastic surgery no matter how uncomfortable I am/how much my quality of life would improve (I kind of feel like even though I've been wordy, I'm downplaying how much discomfort I'm in, heh). Any thoughts on whether I'm likely to be right about that?

Thank you for your input! I'm mostly a lurker but I totally appreciate how valuable a resource this community is in many ways.
ps. I'm unable to add the Labiaplasty/Vaginoplasty tag myself, so that's the tag I am referring to at the beginning of the post.
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