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Copper IUD life span

Hi everyone,

This is my first post to this community, so I hope I don't accidentally break any rules. (If so, sorry...)

I have a question about the life span of copper IUDs. In 2005, I got a copper IUD (I forgot which brand). Back then, I was told that the IUD would last for five years. I really liked this form of birth control and I never experienced any problems with it. So after five years, I went to see my GP to discuss a new copper IUD. Apparently medical opinions had changed by then, because she told me that I could keep the same IUD for another five years as long as I wasn't experiencing any physical discomfort because of it. So far, so good. It has been almost ten years now. I am still very happy with the IUD and I am dreading the day it has to be removed. I wonder about this so-called life span of copper IUDs: is ten years really the limit, or would another year (or two) not make a difference? I am asking, because I am not ready to start a family right away, but I might be once I finish my degree which will be in 12 to 24 months. (Also, I am not particularly looking forward to another inserting procedure at the GP's, which I consider the only downside to an IUD). Of course I could ask my doctor - and I will in due time! - but I am also curious to your opinions. Thanks!

PS Sorry, I didn't now how to use tags in this message (no tags showed up in the tags field)...
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