amanda (bambiblake007) wrote in vaginapagina,

i'm very stumped here.

hi. so i have noticed for the last month or so that i've got this awful burning / raw / sore feeling on my right upper thigh, like right near the pubic area (basically in the crease and out towards my leg); i've checked and there isnt any kind of redness / rash; nothing yeasty smelling / looking either (which i get from time to time under my boobs and around my bellybutton)..i've shaved today (bc i read that it could be my hair rubbing me raw) but so far it's feeling the same as it was b4. anyway, i thought it was from the mattress, maybe, bc i sleep on my right side most of the time and i thought maybe my panties were rubbing me at nite, bc when i go panty-less, it doesnt hurt as badly the next day or even a spring was hurting me from the mattrass. i kno a few yrs ago i had a bad yeast infection on my left thigh (basically in the same area as this pain) and my gyno suggested that i wear looser fitting panties to let the area breathe and i did buy some boy-shorts that were way bigger than my regular panties and i wonder if i need to invest in a pack of those again?? any ideas of wat could be goin on here, guys?? i'm not sure wat could be causing all of this dicomfort :/
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