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Break-through Bleeding on Microgestin 1/20 (Junel)?

I started on Microgestin 1/20 a week ago (to the day). My gyn had advised me to do a Sunday start, and Sunday just happened to be the first day of my period.

My period typically lasts 5 days, with the heaviest bleeding on the second day. Things seemed to be going according to the norm this time around, with the exception of some really heavy clotting around Day 3. I was kind of surprised to find that I was still bleeding yesterday, but chalked it up to the fact that my period had started pretty late Sunday night. I figured it'd definitely be done by this morning.

No such luck. In fact, it seems almost as if my period has started all over again. Whereas yesterday the blood was dark brown and extremely light in flow (I use a divacup, and there was barely any liquid in it when I woke up this morning), this afternoon it is bright red, and there seems to be significantly more of it. I'm also experiencing some mild cramping the way I do at the start of my period.

I'm assuming that this is breakthrough bleeding. While I've taken different forms of HBC before (Mircette, OTC-Lo, Nuvaring), I've never experienced this. How long can I expect the bleeding to last? I was considering calling the dr. tomorrow, but I don't want to bother if she's only going to tell me to wait and see how things go next month. Anyone else on Junel experience something similar?
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