Miss Lafourcade (misslafourcade) wrote in vaginapagina,
Miss Lafourcade

generational differences?

Hello everyone. I'm new to livejournal and this community, so excuse me if I do anything wrong.

I'm having an issue with my mother regarding my sex life and was looking for some advice on how to remedy the situation.

I was dating a guy for 7 years. We broke up a few months ago and I have begun dating again. My mother could not act more horrified at the fact that I have sex with men who are not in a committed relationship with me. She asked me if I am being safe, and I told her that I am on HBC and I use condoms. She acts as if the men I sleep with have manipulated me into having sex with them. She doesn't understand that I am an adult and I enjoy sex. I've had sex with TWO guys since my ex and my mother has the audacity to ask me, "How can you sleep with guy after guy after guy and be ok with that?"

How do you answer a question like this? I'm 27 years old, this is ridiculous. I feel absolutely insulted. I don't want to keep things from my mother, but it seems as this is a subject I'll just have to avoid forever?... That makes me sad. Anyone else have a similar problem? Any advice? Thanks for hearing me out.
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