Jessica (rockstar_beauty) wrote in vaginapagina,

A little worried about HSV-1

i know something similar to this was posted a little while ago, but i couldnt find the post. But since i am actively stessing out i thought id go ahead and ask anyways.

Yesterday while at work, my coworker went and bought her and myself a smoothie each. Without even thinking, i picked up her smootie and drank 1 tiny sip through her straw before realizing what i had done. Thing is she gets cold sores every now and then. She hasnt had one to my knowledge within the last couple of weeks. I am a little worried that i may have put myself at risk, as i tested negative to hsv 1 and 2 antibodies a year or so back, and as has my partner. I love kissing and blowing my partner and i know this would put a huge strain on us if I were to get it.

I think i have read close to every cold sore link online and everyone contradicts the one before it..

Also, my doctor shouldnt be a doctor .. he is incredibly narrow minded and somewhat close to incompetence and if i were to ask for another blood test, he would put up the fight of the century and simply refuse a refferal for one. Similar to the first time.
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