a few prawns short of a galaxy (glitterberrys) wrote in vaginapagina,
a few prawns short of a galaxy

Day nine of period

Why won't my period leave?!

My last two periods ran for eight days - my usual is about 6 - so I figured if it wasn't normal this month I'd see a doctor.

Well, I'm on day 9 and my period is still here. I'll be making my appointment later today but I'm getting a little freaked out. It stopped for most of yesterday so I figured it was done, but a little while ago the bright red bleeding started up again.

It seemed to be on its way out like my normal period, then it got a bit heavy on the 7th day - some blood in the toilet and a couple of tiny clots - then reduced to minor spotting, then gone for 12-18 hours, now it's back. First pink spotting, now regular red smears on the paper when I pee, etc.

I'm not on birth control, no chance I could be or ever have been pregnant. History of HPV, which has since cleared itself and endometriosis, which I had surgically removed 3 years ago. I do have another cyst hanging on my ovary, but it's been there for quite some time with no symptoms. My CA125 was slightly elevated 3 months ago - doctor checked it because said cyst hasn't left after a long period of time, though he thinks it's benign - so I'm a bit concerned about endometrial or ovarian cancer.

I'm 31 so I'm probably not approaching menopause. I just had my blood tested a month or so ago because I was showing some weird bruises and doctor wanted to be safe. My counts are fine and I'm clotting normally; just slightly low iron, which isn't surprising since that was after two 8 day periods! I've never had this with cysts or endometriosis before. Oh, and no PCOS - as many ovarian cysts as I tend to grow, it's only one at a time (possibly on both sides but never more than one per ovary!) and usually a pretty big one. My thyroid, despite two massive nodules on it, functions normally.

Is there a possible benign cause for this or is it time to worry?
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