sillytimmy (sillytimmy) wrote in vaginapagina,

Lesbian who had unprotected drunk sex with her guy friend


I am 19 years of age, a lesbian and before this night the only person whom i have slept with was my ex girlfriend and we were both of each others firsts.

Basically on Saturday night i went out with a group of my coworkers and ended up going back to my guy friends house. I've stayed there a lot. I'm gay and he is straight. We would spoon but that is it and it meant nothing. Anyway one thing lead to another and we had drunk sex. It was kinda rough and went on for 4 hours (with an hour nap in the middle). i also gave him head again the next day.

But the thing is. During round two i started bleeding but didn't entirely realise. I thought that i had just gotten my period (i was due anyway). But it stopped in the morning. I have not bleed since but i've had this yellowish discharge. It also has this odor but its not as bad today as what it was yesterday. Yesterday i also went and took the morning after pill (36 hours after sex). It doesn't hurt to pee but its does get a little ichy but not uncomfortable. I usually have a regular clear discharge on a regular bases. Is that normal?

I'm still a little anxious because of that fact that i'm his 23rd partner.

What is wrong with me?. its only been like 60ish hours(ish) since we had sex. Is this normal? Could i have an sti? Do symptoms start this soon. Could i have a yeast infection or thrush or something? I don't know. I was just going to wait it out until the end of the week and if it doesn't improve i was going to force myself to go to the doctors.

Also how long do i have to wait for an sti test?
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