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Boric Acid source in UK and eating tips for healthy vaginas...

Hi all,

Asked about BV help recently -- been having some results from hydrogen peroxide + apple cider vinegar + acidophilus tablets...but a few questions...

1 - I put ridiculously diluted ACV in after I had put the hydrogen peroxide in...I panicked and decided this might make something quite acidic and bad for my body -- can someone who understands chemistry please let me know if this is/isn't the case? Googling 'hydrogen peroxide + vinegar' didn't really reassure me >.<

2 - In Australia the acidophilus tablets come from the chemist, and are stored in refrigeration. In the UK, they aren't in the pharmacy but in the local health food store, just on the shelf. Will they still be effective? Is there a better source of good bacteria?

3 - I realise the hydrogen peroxide is probably killing off the good bacteria I'm adding as well...at what point might I be able to feel that I can stop that line of treatment and just work on building good bacteria back?

Next...any idea on where is best to source boric acid in the UK? I've not been able to find it online for the main pharmacies...I'm suspecting I might have to order it from the internet in somewhat bulk form -- how careful do I need to be about purity?

And finally, what kind of eating habits have made a big difference in vaginal health for you? I'm realising that I should probably greatly reduce the amount of sugar I'm eating, possibly wheat/gluten....any and all experience welcome, bv or not <3

Thanks all...
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