tinyroses72 (tinyroses72) wrote in vaginapagina,

feeling experimental...?

I'm not really sure where else to go with questions about this, I'm a little nervous to talk to my friends about it. *whew* ok so here I go. I guess in the past few years i'v been kind of found out that I am a little attracted to women as well as men. I am in a relationship with a guy right now, and everything is great. The problem is sometimes i fantasize about women and he has no idea that I feel this way. some of my other friends that are girls openly talk about how attractive girls are and that they'd "hookup" with them or whatever, but i don't know. i'm just feeling kinda confused. there's a girl who I know is a lesbian who my boyfriend knows and introduced me too awhile ago, we saw her out the other day and I found myself kind of crushing on her. i feel extremely guilty almost like im cheating on him. i also feel like if i told him he'd be grossed out or offended or something. it's weird because i never feel guilty when I get small stupid crushed on random guys but this seems different for some reason. any advice?
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